There are a few things in life that cannot be avoided such as death, taxes and clogged drains.

Drains can become clogged in a home for several reasons; the most common cause is something going down the drain that does not belong there. However, there are several other causes of drain clogs in the home and our technicians are trained and ready to prevent and fix any type of drain clog, including the following:

  • Main sewer line—a lot of homeowners are unaware that, in most cities, they are responsible for the sewer line that touches their property (even if it is underground and several feet away from their house). This means that if a problem with the sewer line near the street causes your drains to backup, you will be responsible for the repairs.
  • Washing machine—washing a lot of clothes, one load after another, can put a lot of strain on your drains. If you notice that your drains are slower or tend to backup when you are doing laundry, your washing machine may be the problem.
  • Garbage Disposal —regular household garbage disposals can only handle certain materials being put inside them. Potato peels, large pieces of food, cooking grease, oils, and bones can ruin your garbage disposal and cause your drains to back up.

Experiencing the aforementioned drain clogs occasionally is normal, but if you notice these problems are occurring frequently, give us a call; we will come check out the problem. Using our advanced tools and techniques, we will quickly identify and correct any plumbing issue you may encounter.